A Prayer for Considering the Topic of Spiritual Gifts

St. Paul Writing His Epistles

Someone I shared some notes with on 1st Corinthians today discovered embedded within them this prayer I must have wrote a few years back when thinking through the concepts of continuism and cessationism of spiritual gifts. I honestly had forgotten it and it may have laid undiscovered for much longer had he not found it.

Dear Lord, 

We recognize that You have worked through various means at various times, manifesting your divine nature and character in ways we cannot fully ascertain, but whose richness we were made to fully pleasure. As each snowflake among a great blizzard, you have shaped each of the saints, whom You propitiated for by your blood, with diverse faculties, capacities, and spiritual giftings, all bestowed by Your hand and distributed in accordance to Your will and pleasure.

We pray now that we discern the nature of these things and the continued perception of their occurrence in the present so that we may utilize our talents and treasures and testimonies in the appropriate manner, making every facet of our lives worshipful to You. 

And now, recognizing that for whatever reasons there must surely be, on the basis that there are competing claims for truth, You have allowed people, those who have called on your name as Savior (even the most pious and devout) to misunderstand your methods and the manner of these things. Yet, we trust in Your divine program to accomplish the most possible good out of all potential plans.

Since, each one of us cannot be correct and ought not profess to have obtained the purest form of certainty we pray that we make generous conversation among all people in all kinds of forums, humbly recognizing our finite and fallible constitution. But, despite this, let us not fail in want and desire to continue this quest for truth as you have revealed and guide us to exemplify faith, hope, and love into all eternity and forever more.

In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirt, 


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