About Me

I am a Reformed-Baptist Christian, who attends Tyndale Seminary (2016-2018) in Toronto, Ontario, pursuing a Master’s of Divinity (M.Div.) after having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Bible & Biblical Studies (B.A. in Biblical Studies) from Moody Bible Institute (2011-2014)  at both campuses of Spokane, Washington and Chicago, Illinois.

My personal doctrinal statement can be found at the following link, but I would essentially follow the 1689 London Confession on most points. I can be contacted through the comments section on any thread.

Other than my interest in Christian History and the facets of the faith, I enjoy classic cars, medieval and renaissance art, sports of all kinds, country music, experiencing the various cultures I’ve encountered in Chicago and Toronto, and all kinds of other assorted stuff. This site is just an eclectic boutique of ideas pertaining to one aspect of life, the thinking through of things for the glory of God.


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