Aquinas and Fairness

September 22, 2017 admin 0

Haven’t written in a while since I’ve been wrapping things up in the States, and am now out in Toronto again. I’m halting the current […]

LATTE: Cain & Abel

September 9, 2017 Ryan 0

Here is a simple use of the LATTE paradigm to interpret the passage of Genesis 4. It’s not exhaustive, but hopefully more balanced than some […]

12 Things on Genesis 1-11

September 9, 2017 Ryan 0

D.A. Carson, basing this question off Francis Schaeffer asks, paraphrased as follows, “What is the least that needs to be believed about Genesis 1-11 in […]

The Apostles after Pentecost

September 9, 2017 Ryan 0

What is Church History? The shared narrative of the people of God. The story of the development of doctrine. The practical outworking of the truth […]

Johannes Gutenberg

September 9, 2017 Ryan 0

Johannes Gutenberg created the first Bible with movable type, called, the “Gutenberg Bible” in the 1450’s. The accomplishment of this was that Bibles simply could […]

The Didache

September 9, 2017 Ryan 0

The Didache was an early Christian handbook, helping the community it came from discern some practical aspects of the Christian faith: how to show love […]

Nashville Statement

September 7, 2017 Ryan 0

This just came out of Nashville by CBMW. CBMW Releases Coalition Statement on Biblical Sexuality