1 Chronicles 28

August 1, 2017 Ryan 0

Liethart on 1 Chronicles 28 [1 Chronicles 28:13-15] is one of the most beautiful passages in Chronicles: They lay the spoil before the “assembly” (qahal) […]

Jacob’s Ramp

July 16, 2017 Ryan 0

Was looking at Robert Altar’s translation of the Penteteuch, and noticed how the familiar phrase in English, ‘Jacob’s ladder’ may be more accurately described as […]

In Israel

July 15, 2017 Ryan 0

1) in Israel we see ourselves and God; (2) the history of redemption is ongoing; (3) prophecy is real but mysterious; (4) it’s not over […]

Leithart on Nitzche

July 14, 2017 Ryan 0

Robert Solomon’s The Joy of Philosophy is a defense of philosophy as a joyful wisdom, a la Solomon’s philosophical hero, Nietzsche. Solomon knows that Nietzsche […]

Peter on Psalm 69 and 109

July 14, 2017 Ryan 0

In the context of Psalms 69 and 109, David is seeking vindication against enemies — once close friends — who had betrayed him. Peter’s use […]

Philistines, from Greece?

July 13, 2017 Ryan 0

According to the Bible, the Philistines originated in a place known as Caphtor. In Amos 9:7, God declares: I brought Israel up from the land […]