Psalm 4

June 8, 2017 Ryan 0

Some thoughts on Psalm 4 today…here is my paraphrastic rendering. Whenever I read in the Scriptures things about ‘delusions’ and making ‘false gods’, I think […]

Spiritual Springtime

July 31, 2016 Ryan 0

Precious Savior, Lord divine, who took on God and man entwined: life for life is death to my death, sin’s power no more, your glory […]

All for You

July 30, 2016 Ryan 0

I would give it all for you when skies are grey and not so blue. You are my love, and hope, and truth; and I […]

Fog of Ordinary

July 28, 2016 Ryan 0

In the fog of ordinary, life’s a road that we can’t map. Do we go, or do we tarry? Through the status quo or pack?

Love That's More

July 27, 2016 Ryan 0

Bottled up in brews and potions is a word that’s tossed around. In a world lacking pure emotions, will ‘love’ be ever found? Love that’s […]

An Evening Prayer

July 26, 2016 Ryan 0

Dear Lord I’m restless, but as I sleep I pray I find some rest in thee. Comfort me through all my troubles: sins and shame, […]

Torn and Tattered

July 25, 2016 Ryan 0

Torn and tattered; that’s my past. Lord, I’m shattered just like glass. But through the process of this pain, I’ve lost myself and found some […]

There or Home

July 24, 2016 Ryan 0

One brand-new tire for a beat-up car, still driving around this blood-red heart. Warmth and freedom pump through my veins; All considered, it’s a pretty […]