A Diatessaron

Ever wonder what it would be like if the four Gospel’s were combined together? Or, like me, maybe do you get confused as to when events recorded in only one of the four Gospels occur? Well, I finally finished stringing together an English version of the Diatessaron, which is just ‘synopsis’ of the four Gospels.

If you’re curious as to what a diatessaron even means, here’s the Wikipedia article about Tatian’s original Diatessaron, written around 200 A.D, just what inspired me to try to form my own, and here is a .pdf version of that text.

Basically, it’s quite similar, but not quite the same as a Gospel Harmony. The reason that I strung together a diatessaron is so that someday I’ll use it on which to base a paraphrase of the Gospels.

Anyways, the manuscript is color-coded; I’m colorblind, haha, but think the four colors are:

  • Matthew – blue.
  • Mark – grey.
  • Luke – red.
  • John – purple.

Someday, I’m hoping to print it for myself, so the pages are set up for 5 x 7 (paperback novel size), and there’s about 290 of them.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tatian’s version, his practice was to resolve most of the tensions between the Gospels when they speak in different ways, where as I tried to just include all the details and took the longest account, or the one with the best clarity, in chronological order as best I could. Essentially, he is trying to infer more things than I am, whereas I just leave most of the text as it stands, though rearranging it chronologically.