Youtube Videos

Tim Keller at Google: Reason for God (2008)

Tim Keller at Google: Making Sense of God, an Invitation to the Skeptical (2016)

N.T. Wright at Google: Simply Good News (2015)

D.A. Carson: Must One Choose Between Truth and Tolerance? (2013)

D.A. Carson: Reading the Bible Devotionally – and No Less Critically (2011)

Piper, Storms, Hamilton, Wilson: An Evening of Eschatology (2012)

William Craig’s Animated Explanations of Philosophical Concepts (2013)

The Bible Project Animated Summaries of Each Bible Book (2016)

An Animated 26-Minute Summary of the Bible (2015) [Preview: Full Video Here]

Craig, Wright, and Amy Orr-Ewing, Differences in the Resurrection Account? (2012)

Daniel Wallace, Disputed New Testament Passages (2016). [Textual Criticism]

Less Serious Videos

Lutheran Satire: Reformation Piggy-backers.

Lutheran Satire: Luther Upset About Inferior Anglican Hymns