Leah’s Eyes

June 30, 2017 Ryan 0

I’ve always known that Leah’s eyes could be translated a bit differently; and the nuances of what that Hebrew phrases exactly means is still relatively […]

An Outline of Numbers

January 29, 2017 Ryan 1

I’ve been creating my own outlines of Books of the Bible just to try to remember the story better, especially some of the First Testament […]

Thirteen Mercies of God

January 21, 2017 Ryan 1

The number thirteen has gotten a bad reputation these days! But, it hasn’t always been that way. Jewish interpreters have have talked about the thirteen […]

Abel (Mizraim)

January 15, 2017 Ryan 1

Ever notice how at the near the beginning of the book of Genesis (after the Creation narrative), Abel is killed, and then near the end […]