Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

I wanted to post this over the New Year as to how to make resolutions, but this is a sheet I have referred to for years as to good Christian resolutions. Maybe its better to have posted them a few days later.

Yet, in some ways, these not being made over the sentimentality of the season, are more likely to be tethered to Christian truth and devotion. I occasionally, in various seasons of life, refer to about a page of these a day, as a good gauge and measure of and on my intentions.

Some of these, of course, are products of their time, personal to Edwards himself – but, most are fairly timeless, and transcend lives. And it helps these were not made over just the New Year, but over time.

Remember, resolutions are meant to be read slowly, and meditated upon, not just casually observed. And, as I ponder over these, I can’t help but think that the world would be a far better place if everyone had resolutions such as this.

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