Scattering of the Levites – Not a Curse, but a Blessing!
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Simeon and Levi were tribes foretold to be scattered throughout the land. This, at first, seems like a disgrace, but remember that the Levites were dispersed throughout Israel to be a blessing for them, serving in 48 cities, six of which were the cities of refuge (Nu. 35:1-8). Poythress explains further.

“In at least a few cases, within the pages of the OT, we find prophecies whose fulfillments take unexpected form. One of the most striking is Jacob’s prophecy about the dispersion of Simeon and Levi (Gen 49:7b).

If we attend only to the immediate context (49:7a), we are bound to conclude that God undertakes to disgrace both tribes by giving them no connected spot of settlement. The actual fulfillment is there- fore quite surprising in the case of Levi. But it is not out of accord with God’s character of turning cursings into blessings.

What we know about him includes his right to exceed our expectations. This whole affair is more easily understood when we take into account the fact that Gen 49:7 is not an isolated word of God, but part of a long history of God’s communications, yet to be completed. We are not supposed to make dogmatically precise judgements without hearing the whole.”1

  1. Poythress, Divine Meaning of Scripture, 266, Westminster Theological Journal
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