This page could be filled with plenty of texts, and verses, and snippets or quotes…but instead simply refer to the following videos. Consider N.T. Wright’s, ‘Simply Good News’, where he speaks at Google.

Or, consider this message by Tony Evans, chaplain for the Dallas Mavericks, first African-American to graduate with a doctoral degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

But, if you wish to take a step back, and simply consider the question of possibility – and plausibility –’if there is a god’, another good video produced by Google (notice how much video quality improved in ten years), is Tim Keller’s explanation of ‘Reason for God’.

Also, his ‘invitation to the skeptical’ , was also a presentation given at Google.

Of course, this site does not own any of the above content, but simply refers to what is publicly available.


What does the word ‘Gospel’ mean?