This the Trinity Scriptorium, (named of course, in honor of our Lord).

Admittedly, the term used to define this blog, ‘Scriptorium’, is terribly awkward in modern speech – possibly improper for an internet title – but, it’s a reference to days more ancient than these, when one did not simply ‘read’ books, but simultaneously copied their contents for further preservation.

There was in this sense, a twofold purpose to reading – to read the material, yet also to transfer it to future readers. Such is the purpose of this site too, to transfer information to future readers by way of a ‘scriptorium’, a room allocated to transcribe books.

So, this address along the long and winding road of the internet is not a physical space, but the internet’s version of ‘space’ which has been hereby dedicated to copying notes and making ‘extractions’ of the materials I read, as sort of open notebook to the world.