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The Task of Theology

Concerning theology, Lombard makes a tidy list of five elements that summarizes the competing thoughts in the back of a theologian’s mind when taking up the theological task.

1. The trustworthiness of the promiser, which delights the theologian.
2. The immensity of the work, which terrifies the theologian.
3. The desire for progress, which encourages the theologian.
4. The weakness of failure, which discourages the theologian.
5. The zeal for God’s house, which overcomes the weakness.

So, with these in mind, this page is dedicated to synthesizing these five thoughts.

Historical Sources for Systematic Theology

The earliest of these ‘systematic theologies’ is John of Damascus’ De Fide Orthodox.

On every topic, I habitually consult Aquinas first, even if I eventually disagree.1

Second to Thomas, is Calvin and his Institutes of Christian Religion.

And, occasionally, I make a quick reference to the more recent Charles Hodge.


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